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Here you'll discover the multifaceted communities we’re passionate about supporting through three key programs. From grassroot initiatives to national platforms, from young talents to adaptive athletes, the Southern Tennis Foundation is committed to inclusivity, empowerment, and excellence in the sport we all love.

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Serving Dreams,
Point by Point:

National Junior Tennis & Learning (NJTL)

Our partnership with NJTL isn't merely about tennis—it's about life skills. By targeting under-resourced communities, we are introducing more than just a sport; we're opening doors to education, personal development, and leadership opportunities. With a focus on holistic growth, NJTL programs combine tennis instruction with academic enrichment, ensuring that every child not only perfects their serve but also dreams bigger and aims higher.

USTA Foundation NJTL Essay Contest

Fueled by tennis, education, and wellness, we are dedicated to unlocking vast potentials and creating a future where everyone, regardless of their background, finds their place in the tennis world.

Committed to fostering inclusivity, we break barriers to ensure that under-resourced youths, adaptive, and wheelchair athletes have every chance to thrive. Through tailored initiatives, we empower these individuals to experience tennis in its fullest, celebrating every victory, whether on the court or in life.

Pushing Beyond Boundaries
Wheelchair Tennis

For many wheelchair players, tennis is more than a recreational activity—it's an embodiment of resilience, passion, and competitive spirit. Recognizing this, we extend our unwavering support to programs that cater to their unique needs. From specialized coaching to equipment, we ensure that wheelchair tennis players are not just participants but formidable competitors, celebrated for their prowess and determination. Through funding and resource allocation, we help create environments where wheelchair players can grow and excel.

Join us in fostering a more inclusive tennis community.

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We are dedicated to making tennis more accessible for everyone, especially our athletes. Here's how we extend our support.

Startup Aid

We offer financial backing for initiatives aiming to kickstart new wheelchair tennis programs.

Junior Player Support

Financial assistance is provided to help with national and sectional tournament travel.

Promotion and Partnership

We're champions for awareness and inclusivity, working alongside other organizations to boost the growth and reach of wheelchair tennis.

Coaching Resources

We facilitate training and resources, ensuring wheelchair athletes have coaching available.

Equipment Aid

Our foundation aids in providing funding of programs and players to purchase sports or tennis wheelchairs and essential tennis equipment.

Tournament Support

We provide financial assistance for tournaments and tournament players to help with the expansion of the wheelchair tennis competitive pathway.

Have questions about our wheelchair tennis program?

Get more information on the sport, equipment, and how we support athletes in our FAQs.

Adaptive Tennis

Everyone Deserves a Chance to Serve

At USTA Southern, we believe in the universal allure of tennis, ensuring it's accessible to all—irrespective of age, background, or any physical or intellectual challenges. Our dedication translates into tangible resources, grants, and unwavering support, enabling adaptive tennis initiatives at the grassroots level.

With the Southern Tennis Foundation at the helm, the adaptive tennis realm is set to thrive through:

Seed Funding

Empowering providers to launch fresh adaptive tennis initiatives.

Skill Enhancement

Offering coaching and training tools tailored for adaptive tennis volunteers and coaches.

Awareness Drive

Illuminating the many benefits of tennis within the adaptive community.

Travel Aid

Facilitating participation in adaptive events through travel reimbursement.

Have questions about adaptive tennis?

Discover how we adapt the game for all players. Your queries answered in our Adaptive Tennis FAQs.

Your Serve!

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We invite you to join our cause by making a donation or learning more about the various initiatives we passionately support. Together, we can make tennis a sport that truly serves everyone.

"Tennis has taught me many lessons such as sportsmanship, strategy, problem-solving, and how to become a more responsible citizen. Tennis has also given me opportunities such as being able to intern with NJTL, participate in the Winston Salem Open, meet Frances Tiafoe, and continue my educational and tennis career at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. So, what does tennis and education have to do with one another? Everything."
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Anna T.

2020 Scholarship Awardee