Tennis with
a purpose.

Empowering every serve, swing, and dream through tennis, education, and wellness.

The Southern Tennis Foundation is more than just a tennis organization – it's a beacon of transformative change.

a young boy holding a tennis racquet on a tennis court

Fueled by tennis, education, and wellness, we are dedicated to unlocking vast potentials and creating a future where everyone, regardless of their background, finds their place in the tennis world.

Committed to fostering inclusivity, we break barriers to ensure that under-resourced youths and adaptive and wheelchair athletes have every chance to thrive. Through tailored initiatives, we empower these individuals to experience tennis in its fullest, celebrating every victory, whether on the court or in life.

Every budding tennis player deserves the chance to soar.

The Southern Tennis Foundation is proud to support junior talents, offering need-based financial assistance covering everything from training to competition fees. It's not just about the game; it's about cultivating excellence, discipline, and passion in the next generation of tennis stars.

a man holding a tennis racquet on a tennis court

Investing in Futures, One Swing at a Time.


We're passionate about combining tennis and education. Our scholarships are designed for students who excel both in the classroom and on the court. They are more than just financial help—they're our way of supporting well-rounded development in young athletes.


Beyond scholarships, our grant initiatives are tailored to foster growth in specific areas of tennis, education, and community. Supporting projects and programs that align with our mission, we aim to make a tangible impact, driving change through strategic financial support.

Support Our Serve

Every donation is a step towards a brighter, inclusive, and empowered tennis future. Be part of the change, and help us drive our mission forward. Support the Southern Tennis Foundation's initiatives today and create a ripple effect of positive transformation.

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Upcoming Events

From empowering workshops to spirited tournaments, tennis is packed with events that resonate with our mission. Join us in celebrating tennis, education, and wellness in action.

January 17, 2025

2025 STF Annual Fundraiser/Auction

Bid for unique tennis memorabilia, exclusive experiences, and more, all while supporting our foundation's cause.