Empowering Through Grants

The STF Commitment

At the Southern Tennis Foundation, we believe in the power of tennis, education, and wellness. Through our grant programs, we aim to foster growth, accessibility, and a holistic approach to personal development.


Our grant programs are more than just financial assistance; they're stepping stones to:

Inclusive Play

Ensuring adaptive tennis and wheelchair programs are available and accessible, promoting inclusivity in the sport.

Education and Wellness

Bridging the gap between sports and academics, promoting physical health alongside intellectual growth.

Apply for Grants

Adaptive Tennis Grant

The Southern Tennis Foundation encourages the promotion of tennis programs that address the special needs of non-wheelchair athletes with intellectual, emotional, and physical challenges including those with hearing and visual impairments.  An adaptive tennis grant can provide necessary funds to support programs that better serve these communities.  

There are two grant cycles each year:

Cycle I Application Deadline - January 31 (11:59pm EST)
Cycle II Application Deadline - May 31 (11:59pm EST)

NJTL Grants

Over 60 Southern National Junior Tennis & Learning (NJTL) chapters are supported by USTA Southern and the Southern Tennis Foundation. Furthermore, NJTL chapters are supported by each of the nine state offices in the southern section.

2024 NJTL Regional Leadership Camp
June 13-16,  New Orleans
Application link will be available April 1, 2024.

2024 USTA Southern NJTL Program Grant
June 13-16,  New Orleans
Grant Cycle One: Deadline - Jan. 31, 2024 (closed)
Grant Cycle Two: Opens April 1, 2024; Deadline - May 31, 2024

2024 USTA Southern NJTL Summer Apprenticeship Grant
The USTA Southern NJTL Summer Apprenticeship grant offers our section NJTL chapters the opportunity to hire ONE NEW coach per year which can be an adult or a high school student with no previous tennis coaching experience. Recipients can gain valuable work experience and perhaps discover a career path in the tennis industry. For now, applications are accepted on a first come, first served basis.

Contact: Francie Barragan, USTA Southern Manager of Coach Development

Wheelchair Tennis Grant

Since its beginning in 1976, wheelchair tennis has grown into a popular social and competitive sport, and played in all four Grand Slams since 2007.  For the Southern Tennis Foundation, to bring the sport to athletes in chairs embodies resilience, and an unwavering competitive drive. From specialized coaching to ensuring access to the right equipment or facilitating travel arrangements to tournaments, we aim to empower wheelchair tennis players.

There are two grant cycles each year:

Cycle I Application Deadline - January 31 (11:59pm EST)
Cycle II Application Deadline - May 31 (11:59pm EST)

Be the Change Catalyst

Your support can amplify our efforts. Consider donating to our grant programs, or share the information within your network. Together, let's make tennis, education, and wellness accessible to all.

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