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Junior Financial Assistance

Discover how the Southern Tennis Foundation is leveling the playing field for competitive junior players, ensuring that talent thrives regardless of financial constraints.
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Bridging the Gap to Greatness

We recognize the passion, dedication, and hard work of junior players. Our need-based financial assistance program is tailored to ensure that promising talent doesn’t waver due to financial burdens. From comprehensive training and high performance camps to essential travel and competition fees, we can help.

Mapping Your Journey

Financial Assitance Criteria

Before applying, ensure the applicant meets the following criteria:


The applicant must be between ages 12-18 at the time of application.


Should be ranked within the Southern Top 100 during application.

Income Threshold

Family income should not exceed $100,000 for one eligible junior and $120,000 for families with 2 or more eligible juniors.

State Aid

Before applying here, the junior player should seek financial aid from their respective USTA State Office.


The  most recent tax return needs to be part of the application.

Purpose and Award

This program aims to back youth (able-bodied and wheelchair) who have secured a ranking in the Southern Top 100, helping them with expenses for USTA tournaments. The assistance's level of support depends on various factors, including the number of approved players, submitted reimbursement receipts, and our committee’s set budget.

Important Dates

Application Opens: January 31
Application Deadline: September 30
Submit Final Reimbursement Receipts: November 30

Have questions about our junior financial assistance program?

Learn about the support we offer young athletes. All your financial assistance questions answered here.

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