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Hall of Fame Induction January 18, 2025

The Southern Tennis Hall of Fame holds a special place in the annals of tennis history.

Inaugurated in 1977, the HOF set forth on a mission to recognize and honor those individuals who, through their unwavering dedication and outstanding achievements, have made invaluable contributions to the sport of tennis in the southern region.

Over the years, numerous tennis luminaries — from groundbreaking players and visionary coaches to selfless volunteers and innovative administrators — have been celebrated and inducted. These trailblazers have not only elevated the sport's profile but have also inspired countless others to pick up a racquet, strive for excellence, and cherish the spirit of the game.

The Southern Tennis Hall of Fame stands as a testament to tennis excellence, bridging the past and the present, and setting the stage for a promising future filled with new stars, stories, and milestones.

Criteria for Selection

Induction into the Southern Tennis Hall of Fame is a mark of unparalleled distinction. Our selection process evaluates candidates based on:


Recognized achievements in tennis, including titles, wins, and long-standing records.


Demonstrated commitment to furthering the sport of tennis, either through coaching, mentoring, or other means.


A proven track record of upholding the highest standards of behavior, both on and off the court.

Championing the Heart of Tennis

We firmly believe that the heart of tennis lies not just in the thrill of competition, but in the stories of dedication, passion, and perseverance that define its players.

Our Hall of Fame serves as a platform to applaud these inspiring stories. Every inductee symbolizes the spirit of excellence and the timeless values that the game of tennis stands for. By celebrating their journeys, we not only acknowledge their contributions but also inspire future generations to chase their own tennis dreams.

Current Inductees

Manuel Diaz

Inducted in


UGA’s longtime tennis coach has guided Georgia to 767 victories with 29 SEC Championships and 4 NCAA titles.

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Jane Preyer

Inducted in


From top junior, to collegiate All-American, to No. 43 world ranking, to award-winning college coach, Preyer has made her mark in many endeavors.

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Keith Richardson

Inducted in


Richardson has excelled at every level of tennis from juniors to pros with inductions into the North Carolina and South Carolina Halls of Fame.

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