Making a lasting impact
with every swing.

a man in a wheel chair on a tennis court

Established in 1978...

with a sole mission of celebrating the unparalleled contributions of tennis legends, the Southern Tennis Foundation (STF) has grown from honoring the past to shaping the future. Our essence is rooted in recognizing tennis not just as a sport, but as a catalyst for monumental change.

Over the years, we've expanded our horizons, providing access to tennis in underserved locales and championing diversity and inclusion. Today, we stand as a testament to the power of passion merged with purpose, where every serve, volley, and handshake transcends the court, touching lives and communities.

STF provides invaluable financial support to deserving individuals and organizations through various avenues.

With the guidance of specialized committees composed of trustees and advisors, we evaluate applications to ensure deserving parties receive necessary aid. Beyond financial support, STF proudly curates the Southern Tennis Hall of Fame.

Grants for junior players ranked in the top 100 in the South.

Matching grants for state foundations, aiding any ranked players.

College scholarship assistance.

Recognizing National Junior Tennis & Learning (NJTL) student-athletes participating in the USTA Foundation NJTL essay contest.

Support for NJTL Chapter development and capacity building.

Providing funding for wheelchair programs and financial assistance for wheelchair athletes.

Offering assistance in the promotion, implementation, and growth of community adaptive tennis programs.

Our Mission

Create, support, and promote life-changing opportunities through tennis, education, and wellness.

We are motivated by care, commitment, inclusion, and lasting positive impact. Our goal is to help make dreams a reality and unlock potentials.

We support young people who need it most, uplift adaptive and wheelchair athletes, guide emerging junior players, and provide scholarship assistance to those in need of educational support. Our efforts are meant to leave a legacy of hope, strength, and victory for all to see.

Our Vision

To create a world where the blend of tennis, education, and wellness serves as a source of inspiration. A world where we uplift those in need, embrace all differences, ignite competitive spirit, and empower people to overcome their limitations.

Through our efforts, we aim to enhance lives, better communities, and craft a legacy of positive change.

Unlocking possibilities for all.

Inclusive Programs

Extending our hand of support to under-resourced youths and individuals with adaptive needs, ensuring tennis becomes an inclusive sport for all.

Financial Assistance

Championing budding tennis stars by alleviating financial constraints, providing them with the resources they need to chase their dreams unburdened.

Scholarships and Grants

Prioritizing academic excellence and tennis passion, enabling deserving talents to pursue higher education and excel both on and off the court.

Ways We Support

a young girl holding a tennis racquet on a tennis court

Collaborative Partnerships

Initiate ties with local groups and organizations to assess community needs, ensuring that tennis programs are tailored to resonate with local ethos and requirements.

Tailored Mentorship

Deploy specialized training and resources for adaptive and wheelchair athletes. Personalized coaching sessions are conducted to nurture their skills, fostering an environment of growth and camaraderie.

Scholarship and Financial Support

Scout and identify budding talents and deserving scholars. Through a rigorous yet compassionate evaluation process, we allocate grants, scholarships, and financial assistance, enabling dreams to flourish.

The ripples of our support and initiatives have spanned far and wide, touching countless lives and communities. Our endeavors, while rooted in tennis, have blossomed into avenues of education, personal development, and wellness.

The numbers speak volumes of our dedication:

Established college scholarships from 2020 to 2023.
Awarded in college scholarship assistance in 2023 alone, lighting up dreams and forging paths to success.
At the helm of the STF are dedicated visionaries, guiding the ship.

Our Leadership

Bonnie Vandegrift


Randy Jackson

Vice Chairman

Terry Bunnell

Secretary and Treasurer

Matt Olson

Executive Director

Jaime Kaplan

Director, Development & Operations

And the invaluable support from our Board of Trustees, Advisors, committees, and staff, each playing a pivotal role in scripting our success.


Bonnie Vandegrift, NC

Derek White, GA

Elizabeth Walker, TN

James Ewers, LA

Jenifer Tucker, AR

Jorge Andrew, SC

Karen Newman, MS

Lance Hickman, MS

Marcy Hirshberg, GA

Mike Eden, KY

Paul Pittman, SC

Randy Jackson, AR

Rudy Lewis, AL

Ted Reese, NC

Terry Bunnell, KY


Bill McGugin, TN

Brett Schwartz, LA

Dennis Miller, MS

Druid Michaels, NC

John Herring, KY

Lucy Garvin, SC

Randy Stephens, GA

Rex Maynard, SC



Nominating Committee

Submits nominations annually to the Board for the election of Trustees (to serve three-year terms) and the Secretary/Treasurer (to serve a two-year term) every other year.

Chair: Jenifer Tucker

James Ewers

Jane Gamble

Randy Jackson

Brett Schwartz

Staff: Matt Olson, Jaime Kaplan, Jean Marie Simon


Investment Committee

Recommends an investment policy to the Board and oversees the investments of the Foundation.

Chair: Dennis Miller

Mark Dillon

Steve Duffel

Bill McGugin

Rob Worley

Staff: Matt Olson,  Jaime Kaplan, Annelie Daneel


Budget Committee

Responsible for providing guidance on financial matters including submitting an annual budget for approval.  Assures internal controls, independent audits, and financial analysis of the Foundation.  

Chair: Terry Bunnell

John Herring

Rex Maynard

Ted Reese

Staff: Matt Olson, Jaime Kaplan, Annelie Daneel

Junior Grants

Junior Grants Committee

Evaluates requests and recommends assistance to individual players and state foundations.

Chair: Lance Hickman

Jorge Andrew

Donnie Ellis

Ted Reese

Elizabeth Walker

Staff: Matt Olson, Jaime Kaplan, Cee Jai Jones, Jean Marie Simon

Special Events

Special Events Committee

Plans and oversees events that increase the visibility and assets of the Foundation.

Chair: Karen Newman Morgan

Leslie Jackson

Elizabeth Walker

Dru Michaels

Staff: Matt Olson, Jaime Kaplan, Jean Marie Simon, Taylor Urquhart


Marketing/Communications Committee

Promotes the Foundation and the Southern Tennis Hall of Fame on this website and on social media, including information on:

  • Officers, trustees and advisors
  • Programs, grants and financial assistance offered
  • Grant and scholarship applications and recipients
  • Southern Tennis Hall of Fame inductee pictures, information, videos and nominations.
  • Promote the Foundation through social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and other appropriate media
Co-chairs: Marcy Hirshberg & Druid Michaels

Randy Stephens

Eleanora Mauritson

Staff: Matt Olson, Jaime Kaplan, Milly Sequera Huss, Brooke Hammond, Ron Cioffi, Hal Regi

Hall of Fame Selection

Hall of Fame Selection Committee

Selects and notifies the Hall of Fame Inductees.

  • Randy Stephens GA - Chair
  • John Cox (MS)
  • Eleanora Mauritson (AL)
  • Michael McNulty (LA)
  • Rex Maynard (SC)
  • Paula Hale (NC)

Staff: Matt Olson, Jaime Kaplan, Paula Locke

Southern History Task Force

Southern History Task Force Committee

Researches and identifies ways to update and preserve the last 25 years of history for the Southern Tennis Association and Foundation.

Chair: Michael Eden

John Cox

Jenifer Tucker

Derek White

Staff: Matt Olson, Jaime Kaplan


Audit Committee

Responsible for assisting the Board of Trustees in its oversight of financial statements of the Foundation. It oversees the independent auditors to assure compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.

Chair: John Herring

Lance Hickman

Steve Duffle

Terry Bunnell

Staff: Matt Olson, Jaime Kaplan, Annelie Daneel


Scholarships Committee

Promotes and administers the college scholarships offered by the Foundation.  

Chair: Jenifer Tucker

Rudy Lewis

Mike Eden

James Ewers

Staff: Matt Olson, Jaime Kaplan, Cee Jai Jones, Jean Marie Simon

Adaptive / Wheelchair Grants Committee

Adaptive / Wheelchair Grants Committee

Promotes and administers grants for Adaptive and Wheelchair athletes and programs. 

Chair: Rex Maynard

Marcy Hirshberg

Paul Pittman

Derek White

Staff: Matt Olson, Jaime Kaplan, Cee Jai, Jean Marie Simon

Join us in our quest to make tennis a beacon of hope, transformation, and unity. Your support, be it through donations, volunteering, or partnerships, can spark monumental change.

Together, let's serve a brighter future!

two young girls playing tennis on a blue tennis court